ActionTile shortcuts for apps do not function

I have searched everywhere for a resolution to this. Maybe I just don’t know what I need to be searching for.

In ActionTiles I created shortcuts that launch the Rapid Ring app and other ones as well. Using Fully Browser, they open correctly. In WallPanel, they give an error “net:ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME”.

The shortcut to launch the Rapid Ring app in Fully is: intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.ring.answer/com.ring.answer.presentation.splash.SplashActivity;end

Fire Tablet 7 (2019)
WebView 70

I prefer to use WallPanel over Fully and would like to try and figure this out if possible.

No, this not a feature that WallPanel offers at this time. You are welcome to add a feature request on the Github or better yet, make a PR with the implementation.

Thanks. I got it working by editing the BrowserActivityNative.kt file. My first attempt at coding an Android app, so I can guarantee it is not streamlined or efficient. I basically just parsed the URL format of the intent call that ActionTiles/Fully uses and then pulled out the calls needed to launch the app. This works on the few that I need it to. No guarantee it will work for every app as I have no idea what I am doing. Below is the function I updated:

        mWebView?.webViewClient = object : WebViewClient() {
            private var isRedirect = false
            override fun shouldOverrideUrlLoading(view: WebView, url: String): Boolean {
                if (url.startsWith("intent:")) { //must be formatted like in Fully-Kiosk
                    val separated = url.split(";").toTypedArray()
                    separated[0] // this will contain "intent:#Intent"
                    separated[1] // this will contain "launch flag"
                    separated[2] // this will contain "component"
                    separated[3] // this will contain "end"
                    val component = separated[2].removePrefix("component=")
                    val classname = component.split("/").toTypedArray()
                    val pkgName = classname[0] // this will set the packageName:
                    val clsName = classname[1] // this will set the className:
                //Open App
                    val intent = Intent()
                    intent.setClassName(pkgName , clsName)
                    return true
                //Open URL
                } else {
                    isRedirect = true
                    return true

OK, let me add this to the next version of the application and see if we can get it working, thanks!