Breaking Change in Manual Alarm Panel

I am assuming this will affect the MQTT Manual Alarm Panel, so configurations and the application will require an update to address this breaking change.

  • Manual Alarm Panel - When going from state disarmed to any other (armed) state such as armed_away , the state will be arming instead of pending during the transition time as set in the configuration. When going from an armed state (such as armed_away ) to the triggered state the state will still be pending during the transition time as set in the configuration (as it was before). - (@starkillerOG - #32950) (manual docs)
    • State attribute pre_pending_state changed to previous_state
    • State attribute post_pending_state changed to next_state
    • Configuration option pending_time is renamed to arming_time , functionality is the same.
    • The time the alarm stays at pending when triggered has changed from delay_time of the previous state + arming_time (previously known as pending_time ) of the triggered state to only the delay_time of the previous state.

I have posted the issue on the Home Assistant Community page as well

What is the conclusion now, is the Mqtt panel still working with your Alarm panel?

The alarm panel still works, I do not think they have changed this issue. There was no comment on my post in the Home Assistant community.

Ok so good so far, na action needed from my side. I am using you app for more then 1,5 year without any problems!

Yep, still working for me as well. I am waiting for when or if they update it, perhaps they do not intend to address this issue or waiting for community support.