Breaking Change in Manual Alarm Panel

I am assuming this will affect the MQTT Manual Alarm Panel, so configurations and the application will require an update to address this breaking change.

  • Manual Alarm Panel - When going from state disarmed to any other (armed) state such as armed_away , the state will be arming instead of pending during the transition time as set in the configuration. When going from an armed state (such as armed_away ) to the triggered state the state will still be pending during the transition time as set in the configuration (as it was before). - (@starkillerOG - #32950) (manual docs)
    • State attribute pre_pending_state changed to previous_state
    • State attribute post_pending_state changed to next_state
    • Configuration option pending_time is renamed to arming_time , functionality is the same.
    • The time the alarm stays at pending when triggered has changed from delay_time of the previous state + arming_time (previously known as pending_time ) of the triggered state to only the delay_time of the previous state.

I have posted the issue on the Home Assistant Community page as well