Esp8266 android app


I just downloaded esp8266 master android project from github and tried to make it work.unfortunately once I click connect button it stays in the progress bar status (pic attached) and doesnt move to the next page where we send commands for on/off. Any clue will be helpful. Iam using android 8.1. I did see in the wifi settings that the phone is connected to the esp module. So the connection did take place but somehow the app doesnt get reponse back saying that is connected. I am using Android 8.1

Below is the code from github for ur reference.


Hey Prakash,

It has been a while since I worked on that project. I am afraid my only suggestion would be to check that you are on the same wifi and that both devices are connected to wifi. There should also be some logs in the Android IDE side, do you have any output?

Thanks for the response. WiFi does get connected properly to ESP8266 which I confirmed in phone settings and further the app doesnt show any logs.