HA Initializing Stop

Hello, I have a samsung galaxy tab E t561 with android 4.4.4 and when the wallpanel is launched, only initializing appears and nothing else, someone with such a problem encountered.

Its a problem with your device’s support for html and lovelace, it cannot render the page. You can look for an update to the WebView component in Google Play or use something like Tileboard to render friendlier html for your HA dashboard.

Same issue here with a Samsung device GT-P5210 and Android version 4.4.2. An update to a more recent version of WebView is not possible, according to the developers at Google. I looked at Tileboard, but it simplifies the HTML from the HA dashboard so drastically, that I am expecting issues with the WAF. :slight_smile:

If you want to use your (old?) tablet as a wall panel, better make it dedicated for this purpose. Root it and take it from there. I think I might be heading for Cyanogenmod version 13, which equals Android 6 MarshMallow.

Wish me luck…

Progress so far is that rooting the device works fine. It is now on Cyanogenmod v13, without the Google apps. Installed the WallPanel APK without the PlayStore by uploading it directly to the storage and run it from there. Installation went fine.

Next stop: logging in…
I created a specific user in HA for the wall panel. Using that user results in an error: “Message format incorrect: required key not provided @ data[‘client_id’]”
Ignored the error and simply repeated these login steps, assuming that I must have had the password wrong. No error at this time, but no WallPanel either. The application seems to have gone out for lunch.

Additionally: accessing HA through the built-in browser provides the same result. Browser incompatibilities?


I was hoping to do without all the Google stuff, but I’m afraid not. I had to install some minimal Google Apps through GAPP to get proper access to the Play Store to download and run WebView. After done that, I have WallPanel up and running.

It has been an interesting day… :wink: