Just discovered WallPanel


So in my endless quest to have a home assistant control panel device, I stumbled upon this project (I actually found VoicePanel first). I’ve been figuring out how I wanted to build this panel… Rasp Pi, 7 or 10 inch touch display, gpio proximity sensor, camera, tile board, voice control, etc… So many possible combinations yet it seemed like it would be more expensive than a tablet solution! But the tablet solution has been less than optimal for the people I’ve seen using them.

This seems like about as perfect a solution possible without building an entire system like described above. I’m excited to give it a try! Now I just need to get the tablet. Easy part.

While I am an expert level tech guy who is in the IT/InfoSec fields and can manage pretty much any tech device ever thrown at me, I suck at code, so I can’t offer much in terms in code contribution, but I have a lot of other skills I can hopefully be of use with.


PS- do you have a discord server by chance?

Hey welcome to the community. I have also tested out different panels and I was reluctant to actually use an Android tablet because I really wanted something locked down or dedicated like a RPi. I have a few projects for the 7" RPi touch screen which I may revisit some day when I find the right software for supporting those devices.

I have had a lot of success with the Fire tablets, though I wish it was easier to root those devices. There are some tools for rooted devices that allow more control over the tablet, like turning off the screen. This seems like an area you might be interested in given your background. Controlling the device and locking it down are on my wish list.

I do not have a Discord server yet, I thought I would try Discourse first.

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