MJPEG with Shinobi

Has anyone had luck getting the MJPEG feature getting captured/processed by Shinobi? I had previously had some success with Zoneminder, but have been moving things over to Shinobi for performance and features. Shinobi finds the wallpanel MJPEG stream rigth away, but the settings don’t seem to work.

Just wondering if someone had figured it out.

You are able to see the stream in a web browser?

Yes, absolutely. MJPEG is working, but I was wondering if someone had figured out the specific MJPEG tweaks required in Shinobi.

But regardless, thanks for remind me to come back. Here they are:

  • Analyzation Duration : 1000000
  • Probe Size : 1000000
  • Monitor Capture Rate : should match your FPS, likely 15
  • Segment Length : 2

Otherwise, it pretty much was good to go.