New Alarm Entry Application

I am working on a new application for mobile that connects via MQTT to control alarm, door, garage, from your mobile phone. The idea is to allow users to use this app to access turn off alarm, unlock their door, or open garage. This is like a companion application for the Alarm Panel.

The history behind this application is because I was approached by a security company that is using the Alarm Panel for their alarm system, and they wanted application for users to access their alarm system from a mobile device, using a cloud-based MQTT server (not Home Assistant).

Here are the mocks for the project, this is dark mode, but has light mode also.

MQTT Alarm Panel runs more like an kiosk application, so when converting it to a mobile app, I had to shed a lot of the features. Motion, face recognition, http server, camera, alert sounds, full screen, screen brightness, and fingerprint were removed as well as other code.

One disadvantage this has when in mobile is how to receive alert messages without implementing push notifications. For now I left a foreground service running, though this is not recommended. Usually a mobile app will have some type of push notification to receive notifications while the app is in the background or closed.