Newbie difficulties

I have installed wallpanel on my galaxy tab a. I can see the settings screen, but if i tap the dashboard button i get the help screen.

Is there a setup guide somewhere?

I have a configured home assistant which functions well. I entered the url for my server in the dashboard url field, tappping the dasboard buttonn it shows the ha home screen. I cannot figure how to access the homepanel. Help?

The documentation is here It’s a full screen app, you have to swipe up or from the top to get your device controls, the hit the back button to get into settings.

Thanks for the reply. Did a complete uninstall/reinstall cleared storage, nothing.

Opens to the welcome screen, launch settings,tap dashbosrd, goes back to settings. Swipe up, refresh, down notifications.

Is there a specific thread for setup on the site ?

I made a video, but the documentation is all you have for setup. You have to swipe to get device buttons, that’s how Netflix app works or other full screen apps. Sorry, its sideways because was recorded from emulator.

No luck… I presume I have to put the url of my homeassistant in the Dashboard URL?

I just get several pages of the home assistant devices & scenes, I swiped up and up… no wallpanel.

Are you sure you can’t provide a link to the specific thread for the setup steps? I’m about to give up here!

Other than the video, I cannot help. You can search google how to display your device software back buttons on a full screen application. You can also read the documents how to setup the application here: