Screensaver Ideas / Requests

I have been using your app for some time now to display Home Assistant on a Fire HD 10.

Thanks for this simple yet ingenious program that includes (almost) everything necessary. As someone said in another thread, the combination of features (for me it’s the motion detection, screensaver and kiosk mode) is the reason why Wallpanel is awesome as just that - a Wallpanel. Easy to configure and you can use cheap devices. Keep on with this spirit!

Still, I have a few questions or requests for improvements:

  • It would be nice to be able to just dim the displayed website after some seconds or minutes (without the screensaver turning on with black screen clock or unsplash pictures). Did I miss something, or is this combination not possible right now?
  • It would be even better to be able to have a slideshow screensaver with own pictures from a local folder!
  • I’m using the motion detection to wake up and show the HA dashboard. As you said in another thread, the permanent use of the camera would drain the battery over time… my suggestion: a configurable timeframe (e.g. 11pm to 6am) in with the camera is off and the display only wakes up by touching?

I know you suggest to use the Lucid daydream Screensaver for more complex screensaver related wishes. As said before, I use your wallpanel on a Amazon Fire HD 10 and it looks like I can’t use Daydream just by sideloading (it doesn’t show up in the settings section). Am I missing something?