Speech recognition

Many thanks for this app, it’s really useful. The ability to embed any website as a panel is very flexible. Unfortunately, though, Android WebView does not implement HTML Speech API yet (and there is no sign of it being implemented anytime soon…) as you can see in this Chrome dev issue:


Being able to perform Speech recognition (via native Android speech) would be a really great addition to the Wallpanel app, as many IOT systems nowadays (including Homeassistant) allow the user to control them via speech.

I’m thinking maybe adding just a function that (triggered by an MQTT topic, a POST, a button press in the UI, or whatever) performs speech recognition (using the Android-defined speech language) and publishes the result over MQTT too… very similar to what this app does:

Does it make sense?

I just tested with this demo page: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/demos/speech.html as panel content, and it says it’s missing the permission to access the microphone, so maybe it’s just that the app needs the mic permission?

Thanks again for this great app!

Yeah possibly, we may need to add permissions to access that resource in the WebView. You would have to put in a feature request on the Github, we have a backlog of feature requests.