Use different webview

Hi there,

I am trying to use a Fire HD 10 Tablet from 2017. Unfortunately it runs on Android 5 with an old WebView version that can not handle custom-cards and other stuff. So I am really stuck atm. I tried to install the Android WebView from Play Store, the installation worked but it had no effect. It seems like there is no possibility to change from amazon webview to the latest google webview.

Is there any chance that I can tell the Wall Panel app to use a different WebView?

That’s strange, I have not heard of that issue before. Maybe you can try with Fully Kiosk Browser or simplify your HTML page. There is no way at this time to use something other than the devices WebView component.

You might also want to try the legacy version of WallPanel, it uses Crosswalk (no longer updated) to handle html/css.

Where can I get the APK for this? Can you tell me which version this would be?

From the release section, I think there is only one version. Github has made it nearly impossible to find the release section any more. Here is the direct link to the release section