Using HomeAssistant URL gives blank screen

When I set my wallpanel URL to point to my local home assistant, all I see on the screen is the blue bar across the top and a blank, white field below it. If I put the same URL in Chrome, I get a login dialog. So, I suspect that, in wallpanel, that dialog is either not supported or not handled correctly. Has anyone else run into this issue?

I have tried to find out if I can include credentials in the URL, but I can’t find any confirmation on how to do that.

Chrome browser is not the same as the component used inside an Android application to render html. You probably have an older Android device or software version and the WebView component cannot render the html on the page. You can make update the webpage or you can try to update your WebView component.

I have been using Wall Panel for a while to control Home Assistant. After the update on Home Assistant, all I get is a blue bar across the top like the problem described above. Would you please tell me how to upgrade the Webview component? I am using a Fire Tablet 7. Thanks for your help

The WebView is a component on Google Play, you can search for an update. Unfortunately Lovelace is getting more complex with each release, making it harder to support. You can try removing components, using a simple interface or use something like Titleboard.

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