WallPanel Development

I am planning a small test, an experiment with WallPanel. I want to migrate the code from Android to Flutter. My hope is that in doing so, I can have a cross-platform application for iOS and Android.

I don’t think this will change the way the application renders web pages, since Flutter still utilizes WebView on Android, but there may be some features that may not be able to migrate. Possibly TTS, maybe some camera streaming features, motion possibly.

For me the advantage is that it expands to more tablets, there are a lot of good quality older iOS devices laying around that can be utilized for home automation. I also think WallPanel actually provides too many features, reducing features that are not highly used would let us focus on features to improve the quality of the application.

We have mqtt and http, we have motion and face detection, we have camera streaming, which is really hard to support given WallPanel runs on older devices. We have screen dimming, which is a pain to maintain, this should be offloaded to other apps or let the system screen saver do this.

Something missing that does need to be added is certificates, this is already difficult in Android, and I am not sure how to do this cross-platform. Also more kiosk like features would be better, I really want to be able to lock this app down on Android, so it runs as the default home app on Android, and can’t be put in the background.

Just my thoughts at the moment.