Wallpanel doing its job in personal homeautomation setup

As promised in the issue tracker of WallPanel, we should use this place to show off some projects and best practices around WallPanel.

As it works pretty well in my case, I haven’t given it much publicity. It runs in my home on three cheap tablets, one old nexus 7 and two 7 inch jail broken kindle fires (running lineage os).

Check this out (and yes, sorry not mentioning too explicitly that the browser in which you see my node-red dashboard running is WallPanel!): https://youtu.be/8BNhJjxAxcQ?t=178

I will try to share more here soon - I am still working on some other (mainly voice assistant related) integration.

The panel you see is a rooted Nexus 7 and also has termux with an ssh-server (started up by termux-boot) installed, so I can remotely configure things or run my own scripts based on mosquitto_pub and mosquitto_sub to give commands not foreseen in WallPanel.

Would like to put this article in multiple categories, but not sure how to do it - feel free to move, oh humble @Mister admin.

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I am surprised you got it to work on an old nexus 7, which version to do you have of that tablet? I have a 2012 and it’s pretty painful to run anything.

Also, what are you using for a voice assistant? I was using snips and created a panel application just for that, but they were bought out by Sonos and no longer an option.

Nexus 7 is grouper, running Lineage 14.1.

Voice Assistant is mixture between Rhasspy, Mycroft.ai, and Node-RED (see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fYOf4WBvzk&list=PL67eyjlXSDuuFoWaOPsMIJXvIVgSM-MMG&index=6).

Yep, we discussed snips and snowboy’s fate quite a bit in the Rhasspy community - I guess Rhasspy is kind of the unofficial successor of snips.

Interesting, I should update my Nexus 7 using this OS. Rhasspy the unofficial successor of snips, but not sure how much support it will have. Perhaps Almond?